Dear Parishioners and Friends of Corpus Christi,

Easter is very different this year. We are not celebrating in church buildings filled to the rafters with people. We are instead at home with those we live with, if you are fortunate to have family. And in many ways this Easter is very much like the first Easter.

On that first Easter, we are told, that the disciples were locked in their own house. They were afraid. It was not safe for them to venture outside. Mary Magdalene arrived with startling news that the tomb was empty. Could it be true that Jesus had risen from the dead? It seemed too good to be true. There was so much to be worried about, so much anxiety, should they dare to hope that things would get better?

The disciples did dare to hope that the long night of waiting was over and the dawn of a new day and a new world was upon them. It did not seem real for them just yet. Eventually, though, they did leave the house, for the danger of being caught was over and their fear had subsided. They went out into the world spreading the good news that Jesus had risen and that love is the greatest force on earth.

This year, we are experiencing Easter as the first disciples did. We are in our homes daring also to believe that hope is on the horizon. And when it is safe to do so, we too will leave our homes to stand in the brightness of a new day and proclaim the good news that God will always bring life out of every situation, even sickness and death.

Nothing can cancel Easter, for with God all things are possible, and so it is with those who keep Faith, Hope and Love.

A blessed and holy Easter to you and your loved ones from all of us.

Fr. Victor

Deacon Terry & Madeleine, Deacon Dennis & Mary Jo

Laura, Don, Regina & Anita

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