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Lockdown Protocols

As was announced on Tuesday, January 12, the Government of Ontario has issued a state of emergency for the province and a stay-at-home order. This has resulted in the extended closure of places of worship in Ontario until 10 February 2021.

We encourage you to read the letter from Bishop Colli regarding the extension of the lockdown and church closures by clicking the link below:

Bishop Colli’s Letter concerning the Stay-at-Home Order

During this time all public Masses and the celebration of the sacraments are suspended. As mentioned in the Bishop’s letter, brief funeral services may be held at the Funeral Home Chapel during this time.

Bishop Colli’s dispensation from the Sunday obligation remains in effect, yet this does not mean a day off from praising God. As Christians faithful to the Lord, we continue to keep Sunday holy by making a spiritual communion by participating at Mass on television or online (visit the diocesan website for the link:, or through acts of devotion (for example, reading Scripture or praying the Rosary, chaplet of Divine Mercy or other devotions).

Anointing of the Sick

During the lockdown, only the Priest-on-Call is available for the celebration of the Anointing of the Sick, which is reserved for those at end-of-life. House calls are not permitted at this time. The Priest-on-Call will make every effort to provide pastoral care to the dying; however, please keep in mind that some health and long-term care facilities are restricting visits during the lockdown, including those by the Priest-on-Call.

During the lockdown, do NOT call the Parish Office, please ask the nursing station to page the “Roman Catholic Priest-on-Call.”

Parish Office

The Parish Office is closed until 10 February 2021. During this time, in-person visits to the Parish Office are not possible, however we can assist you by email or telephone. Mass intentions are not be accepted during this time.


We thank you for your continued support during the pandemic. Even though we are closed to in-person visits to the Parish Office, parishioners and friends who wish to drop off their donations may do so by placing their donation in the mailbox. We ask, though, that you first call ahead and only drop off donations from Tuesday to Friday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm as the mailbox is regularly checked during these times.

During the pandemic, there are many ways to support your Parish from home. View our Ways to Donate page for the various giving options that are available to you that are easy, secure and convenient.

Spiritual Resources for Use at Home

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